Friday, May 30, 2008


Just a quick note to let everyone know that we got Randys trach tube out yesterday! This is such great news, as we have had lots of trouble keeping it clean! The Dr. said that it would take a month or so for the hole to close up. We will return to that doctor in 3 weeks for a follow-up. Randy didn't say much after getting it out, so we weren't sure how it would affect his speech, but I called him on the phone this morning, and we had a pretty good phone conversation. He even laughed out loud a couple of times! Thanks for your prayers!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thank you all for staying tuned. I know it has been a long time since I updated, but I know many of you have been calling or coming by to see Randy. We want to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers.

Randy is doing well. We have an appointment on Thursday to see about getting his trach out. It isn't clear if they will remove it at that time, or if he will set another appointment for removal. We will be SO VERY HAPPY to have it removed! We have had a terrible time with the nursing staff about keeping it clean, and he has had several infections, and several rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. Hopefully soon we will get it out.

Our trip to see Dr. Smith in Lubbock was a good one. Not only did he write orders to get the trach removed, he also wrote orders to discontinue the stomach feeding. It took a couple of weeks to get the orders faxed to Clovis, but we finally got this accomplished, and he is no longer on the stomach food. He is eating 3 meals a day, along with all the snacks and goodies we offer him. (Nothing wrong with his appetitie or ability to eat!) The stomach peg is still there, and we will remove it when he has the bone flap surgery. We also made a 2nd trip to Lubbock to do a CT scan. From this scan, they took measurements to have new TITANIUM MESH BONEFLAPS made. They sent off the measurements and the new flaps should be in during the last part of June. I am supposed to call Dr. Smiths office on June 23rd to see if they are in, and make an appointment for the boneflap surgery. Dr. Smith assured me that this is a simple operation, and it will take longer to prep him for surgery than it will to actually do the surgery. He said our hospital stay would be no longer than 2 days, at most. They will remove the stomach peg at that time. This will mean that he is finished with surgeries! He wants us to return in another 6-8 months for another angiogram to ensure that he is still out of danger of another anuerysm. (The only coiled 80% of this anuerysm, and he wants to keep a close eye on it!)

Randy is talking some, more on the phone than in person. He seems to talk more in the morning than later in the day, and it seems to be more in response to questions. Not yet speaking his mind, but answering some of our questions. It is yet to be seen if his talking will increase when we get the trach out. Speech therapy has dropped us for the time being, and he gets only a little occupational and physical therapy. It seems that most of the therapy he is gettings comes from the family, as we are with him all day long, and work with him at his pace. Most days he has pretty good upper body movement, and is able to feed himself. (Except when they serve English should see him chase those peas around the plate!)

Overall...we have good days and bad days...just like the Dr. said. I think the bad days are fewer and farther between, and are not quite as traumatic as they were. We are still recovering, and gaining ground, but it is a SLOW PROCESS!


We are having a benefit garage sale on June 6th and 7th---4th & Hickory.

This will be a huge garage sale with many very nice items, including:
Kitchen Appliances
Automotive Supplies
Fishing Gear
Clothes for all ages and sizes
Baby Items
Household Items
Nurses Uniforms

The list goes on and on...

There will also be a bake sale, and will be selling hot dogs at the garage sale.
All proceeds go to defray costs incurred by the family, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Debbie and Ron, and all of those who have donated items for this sale! I know this has been difficult to put together, but we do appreciate all you have done for us.