Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Evening

Not much else to say, the man must really be tired! Mostly sleepy at tonights visit. Sleep is probably best for both of us tonight. He is scheduled for a CT scan early tomorrow morning.

Sweet Dreams,
Good Afternoon,
Well, you know who is still sleeping. Mom and Amber and I tried to wake him up, but he just wasn't having it. Sleepyhead. But after Lupe and Quetta came in and we started joking around some, he woke up enough to see who was here, yawn a few times, and then back to sleep. He recognized Lupe, but I'm not real sure if he got awake enough to see Mom. Thanks to everyone for the visits. It really helps alot.

Other than the visitors, there isn't much to report. Temperature is at 99. Guy Clark is keeping him company. The nurse says he ocassionally opens his eyes and looks around and goes right back to sleep. TYPICAL RANDY! (ha-ha)

Hugs and kisses to Adrian, the almost one year old grandson. Granny-Jo sure does miss you! Hope to spend your birthday with you!

Will report again after tonights visit--If Google will let me!
Sorry for the delay in posting this morning. Evidently Google has had some technical difficulties, and would not let me post.

Not much news here! Randy is sleeping. We know he likes to sleep. Sleep is good for healing, and besides that, I am sure he is miserable when he is awake. He looked rather uncomfortable, and they still have one of his hands restrained. I changed his CD, and talked to him for a few minutes, but he just couldn't stay awake. He seemed to understand me, but was just real tired. Other than that things are just the same. No temperature.

I talked to Paul Goad last night. He is probably coming over tomorrow, Sunday. We will be reviewing some of the details on the Benefit Concerts. So far, it sounds like we will be having a terriffic turnout, so stay tuned to the blog for more details!

For those following Jessica's story: I saw her and her mom this morning at the elevators. She has a DayPass and they were headed for the mall! Continued prayers for her speedy recovery.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Afternoon all,

Just a quick note to let you know that Randy was doing VERY well at the last visit. He was even more coherent than at anytime before. Had a nice long visit with him. He understood almost everything I was telling him, from visiting hours to Guy Clark and from "the doctors say you're getting better" to "I love you". He was able to close his eyes when he understood, and frown with his eyes when he didn't. At one point he started crying. But we soothed him, and told him not to worry. That's MY job. His job is to get well. We had an AWESOME visit! Two of his doctors came in during the visit. The first doctor, Dr. Smith, said he just wasn't comfortable with this mornings surgery, and that he just decided to stop "feeling in the dark" and wait until Monday when he could use the computer to guide him. I trust this decision. He seemed somewhat impressed with his progression. The second doctor, his infectious disease doctor, was even more impressed and optimistic. He gave Randy two thumbs up! OVERALL: TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY...SO FAR!!! Can't wait for tonights visit.

Thanks to all for the support and prayers.


Randy is back from his shunt surgery. It was not successful. I didn't get to speak with the doctor afterwards, but the nurse said that Randy's ventricle was too small to insert the tube without the aid of a computer. They have re-scheduled a second attempt on Monday when they will use a computer to help guide the tube. When I left his room, he was doing all right, opening his eyes a little, but mostly still sleeping, calmly. Better luck Monday we hope. Not much else to report at this time.

Love to all,
For those of you that are awake this early, just wanted to drop you another line to ask for your continued prayers. They are doing the shunt procedure this morning around 10:00 or 10:30, TX time. This should take approximately 30-45 minutes. Dr. Smith seemed to think all will go well.

I asked Dr. Smith this morning some questions regarding his long-term rehab that he had mentioned to me one day last week. He says that unfortunately, we are without resources, so the rehab he wanted to send us to would not be made available to us. He said he would check into some nursing facilities in the surrounding area, and see if there is something available, perhaps something close to home, if possible.

I asked him about when he thought we might move his feeding tube from his nose to his stomach, and he said that would be done in a week or so, depending on how quickly he heals from the shunt surgery. I also asked about when we thought we would be replacing his bone flaps. He again said we would have to see how well his shunt works, and make sure all of the spinal fluids are draining properly.

For some more optimistic news: When I went in to see Randy this morning, he was glad to see me, and was moving BOTH arms, and not just a little bit. He was looking at me as though he was pleading for answers, or that he was confused and afraid, and very agitated about something. I tried to calm him to no avail, and had to physically hold his arms and shoulders to allow the nurse to give him a shot of morphine. He has shown a tremendous change in the amount of movement since last night. No doubt they will be restraining his arms when he recovers from the shunt surgery, because he was all over the bed, lifting not only his hands and arms, but also his shoulders. We all know Randy is a strong person, I only wish I could ease his fears. One one hand, the Dr. seemed very pleased with this obvious change, but on the other hand he tried not to let me get my hopes too high, telling me that this could go on for a very long time. It is sometimes hard to interpret his forcast for the future. I suppose this is because each case is so different. Some people bounce right back, others take much longer, if at all.

Again, if I could ask of you to please continue with your prayers, I would be greatful. I will post more as soon as I know more.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Evening all,

Sorry we are late with this post. We have been experiencing technical difficulties trying to get my sound card operating, so we can burn some CD's for Randy to listen to. I think we have it going for now. I can tell by the number of phone calls, that one blog a day is just not enough for you guys! OK, so here's the latest:

We had a really great day. He was sleepy and distant this morning, but by this afternoon, he was much more awake, and somewhat alert. By evening, he was less awake, but when he was awake, he was even more alert! He is moving both hands today, as well as both feet. Not a large range of movement, but more than just squeezing. He sometimes seems frustrated, and other times seems calm and coherent. They seem to think this is mostly due to the meds, and the location of the brain fluids. (When the brain fluids are more on the left side, he seems to move and think better.) His fever is down to 97, and has remained low for a couple of days now.

Tomorrow they will be putting in a permanent shunt. For those that may not know about this procedure, here is my interpretation: The brain normally makes about 2 coke cans of brain fluid each day. This liquid is expelled through veins/arteries to the spinal column, and from there it travels to the body's organs and is released from the body as urine. For Randy, there is a "filter" at the spinal chord that is "clogged up" and so that normal route is blocked and wont let the fluid escape through its normal route. Right now, he has a tube coming out of the top of his head, that is draining out into a bag that catches this fluid. Since we have been here, this liquid has been red, indicating lots of blood in this fluid. In the past few days, however, it has cleared up, which indicates that it is no longer washing out blood from the aneurysm bleed. In tomorrows procedure, (as I understand it) they will run this tube on the inside of his body. It will run from his brain, and outside the skull area, but under the skin, behind his ear, down through an artery in his neck, down to his stomach, where it can then be released as urine. They have told me that this is a very common procedure, that many basketball players have this done. It is also common in children. While it is risky to some degree, it is also a common procedure, and we shouldn't worry TOO much!

I am hoping to catch Dr. Smith tomorrow and get some answers to some questions regarding rehab, and at some point they will move his feeding tube from his nose to a peg in his stomach. Not sure much about this procedure, or when they will be doing it. Also have questions regarding his bone flaps, (skull) when they might be replaced. I have been told that they probably wont replace his bone flaps until after he gets out of SICU.

I am not sure what time he is scheduled for the shunt operation, they just told me it would be tomorrow morning sometime. As soon as I know something, I will keep you posted.

Much love to all,

P.S. For those of you that are following Jessica's story: (The Portales girl that was in an awful wreck a week before Randy got here) We saw her and her father in the lobby tonight. She is progressing quite well. She remembers Matt from the Rec Center, was talking some, and seemed quite alert. She appears to be well on her way to recovery! We have all been including her in our prayers. She has been through some really tough times this past month or so.

Thursday Morning

Morning Everyone,
Sorry I havent been updating as often. Amber and I are trying to get my computer up and going in the RV, and things have been a little bit wierd getting it set up.

As for Randy, he is still doing about the same. He has been mostly sleepy, and when he is awake, he is slow to respond, and stares out into the distance quite a bit. His fever is down to normal, and it was normal yesterday also.

The Dr. wants to do his shunt surgery tomorrow. I will meet with him this afternoon to sign the consent forms and get more information about the process, and perhaps get some answers about what to expect over the next few weeks. The nurse that was in there this morning said that they wouldn't put the bone flaps back in while he is in SICU. That comes later when he is in rehab center or on the regular floor. Everything else is stable.

I have been talking some with Paul Goad, and Matthew, my son. They are planning some benefit concerts in Clovis/Portales. As soon as they get the details ironed out, I will be positing information here, as well as through e-mail addresses. It sounds like there will be a concert at the Lyceum Theater in Clovis, and it looks like there will be LOTS of musicians gathering to help with this event. Please stay tuned to the blog to get more information.

Keep the prayers coming, this is a slow process.
Love to all,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Morning everyone,

We had a great morning yesterday, he was alert, and turning his head from side to side. Watching everything that was going on. Seemed quite coherent. We were so pleased to see this much progress. Then they moved him to his new air cushioned bed, which is designed to help reduce bedsores. The move from one bed to the next really, really wore him out. He started "hyperventilating", his blood pressure shot up real high, respiration real high, and it took quite some time to calm him down, even with sedation meds. He slept through yesterday afternoon visit and last evenings visit.

Not much new this morning. Still sleepy. He would open his eyes for a second or so, but then drop back out. As I have mentioned before, he is NOT A MORNING PERSON!

The Dr. said we will be doing the shunt operation on Friday. They think his fever is low enough, and unless something changes between now and then, he is scheduled for Friday. Other than that, not much news. The swelling seems to be down somewhat, but while I was in there this morning, they gave him some more lasix to help him reduce more swelling.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Morning,

I just went to see Randy. Boy am I jealous. He is surrounded by 5 nurses/nurses aides that are there to give him a bath, dress his wounds, brush his teeth (tooth?) etc. I just know how much he hates that! (ha ha) They are trying to get him cleaned and ready for his new bed! He seemed VERY ALERT...(go figure!)

One of his doctors was there, and he totally agrees with me, that he is much more alert, and is coherent a good part of the time. There is talk from infectious disease department that the fever he has MIGHT NOT be from infection. It could POSSIBLY be from allergy to some of the meds, or even just from having the many procedures done. Again this is just talk, and they are not sure enough to discontinue his antibiotics at this point. His temp was down to 98.9 this morning.

They may need to replace his drainage tube, (the one that drains his brain fluids) as it doesnt seem to be working to their satisfaction.

Otherwise, the doc said there is not much to report. Everything seems stable at this time!

Love to all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Good evening everyone!

I just had the most wonderful visit with Randy!

They replaced the post on his trach tube, and it looks like a good secure connection. His fever is 101. The dr. changed is antibiotic again today. They have ordered him a new bed, as he is getting some bedsores from lying on his back. The new one is supposed to have air cushions that will help him distribute his weight more often. Chesna says she has seen the new beds and they are great. We're looking forward to that.

He has another tiny brain bleed. Again, they have told me not to worry about this, that it was somewhat typical, and that it should take care of itself on its own, but they will watch it very closely.

Better News: He is moving his right hand around very well, as far as the restraints will let him go. He is also moving his right leg fairly well. He doesnt always seem to do it on command, but I KNOW now that it is in response to me, just sometimes delayed.

EVEN BETTER NEWS: He was responding so well with his facial expressions and with his arm and foot movements, that I know for positive that he understands most of what I have told him. I can see by his responses, that when I tell him that I love him, he responds by holding his eyes closed as if to say "I love you, too" He did this same facial response numerous times, so I am very sure that he is understanding and comprehending most of what we say. He would switch from looking at me, to looking at the clock. I'm not quite sure why, if he is not sure about the day, week, month, time of day/night, or just what. I tried to explain everything, but I'm not real sure about his clock question. I know his mind has questions that I haven't heard. And in time, I hope to fill in all the questions with life-long love.

They let me have a long visit, because they could see that we were making great strides in communication, and he seemed to be holding up well. As I was leaving they checked his blood sugars. It was a little high, so they gave him some insulin and his tylenol for fever.

Friends, this was the BEST SIGN ever that he is going to pull through. I can hardly stop the tears of joy.

Thanks for the prayers, well wishes, phone calls, and visits. I couldn't get through this without all of you!

Love to all,
Sweet Dreams,
Morning Everyone,

I tried to stay at the RV this morning and avoid the cold weather, but my heart just wouldn't let me. I remember all the times that my Randy would go out in the cold and start my vehicle for me, scrape my windows, drive me to work, and just overall take super-good care of me. He spoils me! So, I decided to "Miller-Up" and fight the wind and snow to go see my baby. (It's not really all that bad out there) Hope all of you are bundled up, staying warm. I heard you guys have more snow than we have here. Just a light dusting here, but it is still snowing like crazy, but not sticking all that much.

On to this mornings visit. They had some problems with his trach tube this morning. This is not the first issue they have had with it. I got to see his respritory doctor, and he says that Randys NECK is thicker than most...yes I said NECK, not head! The trach tube doesn't quite go in far enough to reach its intended position, so they have ordered a longer trach post, that should reach in further, and secure things in that area.

We got the results from his sonogram. Everything looks good there, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, etc. Found no internal bleeding there. They tested his blood this morning and it is at a normal level, and his blood gases look good.

The lung doctor also came in while I was there. He said his lungs sound clear. He said as far as he could tell, everything appears to be stable.

As for outward appearances...His eyes are open some of the time, and closed some of the time. I can tell by looking at him that all movements are a struggle for him, and seems to wear him out. The nurses told me it was ok to bring in his glasses so he would be better able to focus when his eyes are open. I'm not sure how much it is helping him. We all know how blind he is without his glasses. But it sure helps me to see him with them on! He just looks more like Randy with them on! :)

He is moving his right hand quite a bit this morning, holding it up as high as the restraints will allow. He moved his left hand ever so slightly when I was holding it this morning. No foot or leg movement yet today. As I said, I am just sure that every little movement is a chore for him, so I try not to wear him out by asking him to move around too much. I am so proud of him for putting up the battle that this must be for him. We all know he is a fighter!

Thats all for now.
Thanks again to everyone for everything.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Evening all,

We had a great afternoon visit. Right after I blogged the last time, I went back up to see Randy. He was responding to my voice, and seemd to have recognition. He was able to move his right foot on command 7 or 8 times, his left foot only a couple of times. He didnt move his hands on command, but shortly after asking him to move his hands, he moved his right hand on his own (This may or may not have been voluntary).
The nurses were pleased.

Tonight however, they were late opening the doors due to Randy. He had gotten upset for some reason that isn't quite known at this time. His respiration went real high and his blood pressure jumped. He is running a 102.3 temp. The nurses said that it was kind of like he was hyperventilating. They gave him some meds to calm him down, and it was working. He was sleeping, and smoothing out. Not sure what excited him. The Nurse said he acts the same way when they take him to x-ray, as if he knows where he is going and is angry about doing so. Hmmmmmm....Go Figure!

This is Dr. Harold Smith, one of Randys main doctors. For more information about Covenant NeuroScience Institute, follow this link:

Not much else to report. The storm is nearly here, the wind is beginning to howl. Gonna head for home.

Love to all the folks back home. E-mail me if you find time.

Sunday Afternoon Newsbreak

For those of us that know Randy well, we all agree that he is NOT a morning person. He slept through this mornings visit. They did another doppler scan, and gave him 2 units of blood (again, this is because he is bleeding internally somewhere, and we aren't sure where). They don't seemed overly concerned about this, as they say it is common with aneurysm patients. They will have the results of the sonogram tomorrow, which should tell us if it is gallbalder----maybe. His fever has been low grade since yesterday. He is starting to swell again, mostly his hands and jaws. At one point they had prescribed Lasix to reduce some of the swelling, but the nurses aide said he was not on it at this time.

When I went in this afternoon, his eyes were open, he seems to be tracking my movements pretty good, but not able to blink on command for me. The nurses aide said he had been "watching her" all afternoon. She believes he can understand what we are saying at this point, but we must remember that EVERY NURSE and EVERY DOCTOR and EVERY NURESES AIDE see a different picture of what is going on.

As for me, I think he seemes somewhat better today.

I still have time for one more visit before they run me off, so I heading back upstairs to see my darlin'.

Love to all,