Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to remind everyone of the BENEFIT GARAGE SALE coming up this weekend, JUNE 6 & 7, at 4th & Hickory. Debbie and Ron have worked MANY hours puttting this thing together, and there will be SOMETHING THERE FOR EVERYONE! I encourage all of you to stop by and hug their necks for doing such a great job! I know they are also going to have some food there, and no telling what all, so be sure and stop by either Friday or Saturday!

Randy has been talking quite a bit more over the last few days! He seems to be in great spirits, and he even told the preacher that he would be going home soon! He won 50 cents at BINGO the other day. That was lots of fun!

We are going to play music for them on Saturday Morning. This always keeps Randys spirits high. He loves our music!

Thanks for your prayers and support!