Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Everyone,
Randy's recovery has come a long way over the past couple of weeks! He has become quite vocal, and responds to most questions. Sometimes it takes him a few minutes to process the questions and think of an appropriate response, but he has really started to come around in the speech department! He has talked to many of you on the phone, and we can't thank you enough for your calls. It means so much to us to talk with our friends and family over the phone! And, as always, Randy is quite a character! We never know what he is going to say, sometimes he is serious, and other times he is really full of bulls**t!

He is also coming along quite well with his physical therapy as well. He tried to get out of bed several times yesterday. Of course, this is impossible for him, but he doesn't fully understand why he isn't allowed to get up. We have explained that his legs aren't quite strong enough yet to support himself, and that we need to wait for the boneflap surgery before we start trying to get up. I am not sure that he understands that part of his skull is missing, so getting up is very dangerous. He acts as though he understands at the time that I explain it, but he acts very frustrated with me when I try to prevent him from doing what he wants. I suppose this is normal.

Surgery is still scheduled for July 2nd, and we are really looking forward to a quick sucessful operation. Dr. Smith says our hospital stay SHOULD only be a couple of days, but with the holiday on the 4th, we aren't real sure when we will be dismissed.

As always, thank you for keeping us in your prayers. I believe that our continued recovery is due to the many prayers, and continued support from our friends and family!