Friday, February 22, 2008

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Citizens Bank Expense Fund Info

Randy Miller Expense Fund
In Care of Denise Alexander
Citizens Bank of Clovis
PO Box 1629 Clovis, NM 88102
Phone: 575-769-1911
(Donations can also be accepted at the Texico and Ft. Sumner Branches)
Hey everyone,

Things have been relatively quiet today. Mostly holding our own. Still critical, but somewhat stable. They have done yet another procedure that puts medication directly into his brain to stop some of the spasms that could potentially cause more brain bleeds. They said this is sometimes normal and that they would be doing this on a daily basis, as well as a catscan on a daily basis for a few days yet. Other than that, everything is about the same. This is probably gonna take a considerable amount of time to start showing any measurable improvement.

Bill and Chesna Benge have brought me their RV to stay in. We are so greatful to them and all the extra work it took to get it to us. This will relieve some stress. I can even take the shuttle from the RV to the front door of the hospital, so we don't have to do so much walking to get to the parking garage. THANK YOU SO MUCH BILL AND CHESSIE!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Tammi, Amber, Debbie and Denise have set up a trust fund at Citizens Bank (thanks guys) to help defray some of the costs. We realize this is going to be a lenghty stay, and we are going to need help from those who can afford to contribute. More details on how to contribute to this at a later time.

All of our musicians are in the process of starting up a couple of benefit concerts to help defray costs. These benefit concerts take some time to put together, so it will be a little while before we have details on this. If you are a musician and want to help out, either by playing, or by helping to organize, or hand out flyers, or whatever, please contact Matthew or Paul Goad.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things are a bit settled for the moment. After several difficult surgeries and procedures, Randy is a bit settled and somewhat stable. They have inserted a feeding tube, as they say that nutrition will play a HUGE part of the healing process. They are also going to perform a tracheotomy sometime in a little while, and move his breathing aparatus to his throat. To me this seems like a good sign. He had a brain scan this morning and the Dr. said that the results from it are "ok" indicating that he had hoped for better, but was still somewhat pleased that it was not worse. Barbara got the nurses to turn on the music for him. I just know this is gonna help. We are not sure how much his inner brain is hearing, and the Dr. has told us that he will have no memory of this, but we all seem to believe that his soul can hear us talking to him, and our prayers and words of encouragement.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE, who have held my hand, heard my cries, prayed for us, and helped in so many ways. Amber is in charge of handling telephone numbers and internet tech info. She is working on some scheduling and calendars, visitation, and making sure I have the things I need that will help me rest when I can. If you have phone numbers to contribute, or e-mail addresses to add to our contact list, please call her.

Love to all, and will update more later.

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If you need to reach us: for any reason you cant reach us online you can call my cell or home phone (when I'm at my home) and I will help you the best I can.
cell: 575-309-3581

For Those That Haven't Heard...

For those who have not heard, Randy Miller has had a brain annurism, is in very critical condition and is in the Covenant Hospital in Lubbock TX.

We are asking people to refrain from calling Felisha, she has enough on her plate and can't be on the phone all the time, not that she does not want to talk to everyone, but she can only handle so much right now.

She wants everyone to know she loves you ALL and she will talk to you all soon when things settle down. If you are wanting updates you can stay tuned online we will try our best to keep everything we know posted here.

Also, if you would like to contact Felisha by e-mail, she is at She will also be available to chat through Instant Message from time to time. Her Instant Message account is If you don't have a yahoo account at this time, you can get one by going to
-thank you