Friday, March 14, 2008


For those that havent heard...we found out today, that we will be taking Randy back to Clovis on WEDNESDAY! He will be transported to St. Anthony Rehab and Nursing Center on West 21st Street. I have been to this facility, and I believe it is much better than the facility that I looked at here in Lubbock. The doctors have already signed the release forms, but we are waiting to make sure he isn't having any difficulties with his feeding tube, and making sure the blood clot in his left leg is gone, or under control before he leaves. Also making sure that the Clovis facility has everything Randy will be needing for his care, medications on hand etc.

We are SO EXCITED! Folks, we have come such a long distance in such a short time! I know we still have a long way to go to get to complete recovery, but I know that God is on our side, and that prayers really are answered. We have living proof! Let us all be thankful for the miracles that we have witnessed, as we continue on the path that He has put us on!

Love to all,

Friday Morning

I know that many of you are used checking in 3 times a day to get updates. Now that we are in a PRIVATE ROOM (FIRST CLASS), I will be updating at different times. I hape to see the doctor this morning, but I wont hold my breath! We had a great night! Spent most of the night holding hands, enjoying each others company! Sharing smiles, and a few laughs, and a few tears. It is wonderful to see him smile again. Just about the best thing ever. Way better than sliced bread!

I was reminded that during yesterdays excitement of getting into the new room, that I forgot to mention to everyone that they got his stomach peg in. They won't start feeding him through it until today sometime. It is just teriffic to have the feeding tube out of his nose! So far, his recovery has been much faster than any of us could have imagined! I am so proud of him, and his accomplishments! I should have known this would happen, after all he is a Miller!

Love to all,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey Everyone...

I know you're just not gonna believe this, but.....ok, here goes...Randy has been joking around with me ever since I got back from Portales this afternoon! He has been pretending to spit his chewing tobacco/snuff into a trach tube that the nurses let him hold. Eyes just shining, grinning from ear to ear! He is a very happy person right now, as am I!

I really can't put into words, the amount of improvement I can see over the last 24 hours! His facial movements have improved a great deal, and it is just awesome to see him joking around and smiling. He is very glad I am back, and is just clinging to me, and sqeezing my hand so tightly!

As I was leaving the room tonight, I had to restrain his hand to prevent him from accidently pulling on his trach tube. He seemed ok with this. I told him I was going to find something on TV for him to watch while I was gone. He reached out for the remote. I told him he probably couldn't have that, for fear that he would be hitting the nurses call button, instead of the tv button. He shot me a look. So, I asked him if he could see which button was the TV button(remember he doesn't have his glasses on at this point). I showed him which buttons were which, and he gave me the biggest grin, nodded his head and gave me the thumbs up symbol! He knows how to operate the remote! (I have always known that this was a "HARD WIRED TRAIT!") We have just giggled all afternoon! He really, really seems happy tonight. And I am too!

Love you all,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Randy is off of the ventilator and breathing fine on his own! They have him on a waiting list for a private room, and are hoping to have him in a private room sometime this afternoon! This is just awesome news, because this means that when we leave here, we can get him into a rehab-nursing facility in Clovis, close to HOME!

They will insert his stomach feeding peg early next week, and if all goes well we could be going home towards the end of next week...I THINK!

I am going to go to Clovis/Portales tonight and get some paperwork going. Cindy is here, and will be staying the night here, so Randy won't be alone. He is in good hands with Cindy...(I THINK! Ha Ha) I hope to return to Lubbock tomorrow, if all goes well at home.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Night?

Hey everyone,
Randy was awake this evening when I went in for our visit. He was watching Discovery Channel, and holding me real tight with his left hand. He seems to have more strength in it this evening than before. The left side of his head now seems more concave, as the swelling is going down. I assume this is a good thing, and that the swelling is continuing to go down. His mood troubled me some. He seemed to be worried. I told him that I had to go to Portales tomorrow to do some paperwork. He REALLY didn't like that. He almost acted mad at one point, and sad at one point, but overall, I just think he might be worried and scared. He has overheard me talking to the nurses, and I think he is aware that he will be going into a nursing faciltiy, and not home. I am pretty sure that has made him feel down. I have tried to explain things the best I know how, but I still think this is the reason he seems so blue and worried. I can only imagine what he is thinking. He sends his love. I know he understands how much we all love him. He responds accordingly when I tell him.

Going to get some rest. Tomorrow will be another long day. Thanks to everyone for everything.


Good Morning Everyone!

I was totally shocked this morning when I went in to see Randy. He was SITTING UP in a wheel chair! They have cut his veltilator back to what they call CPAP (don't know yet what that stands for) but it means that he is BREATHING ON HIS OWN! He is totally alert, and comprehending every word. He reached up and shook hands with Kayla, one of our favorite nurses, and I could see the "thank-you" look in his eyes. He even smiled at one point, and the wrinkles around his eyes were absoulutely the best thing I have seen in weeks. I knew at that moment that we were in the midst of a GOD thing, and it was just awesome to witness. The nurse said she would ask the doctor and SEE if MAYBE he might be ready for a private room soon. This process takes several days, due to the many patients, and lack of room availablity. She thinks he may be ready to get on the waiting list for a room, but the doctor may not think so.

At one point, he was able to cross his fingers at me. (This is an inside love story that we share daily, about how he and I are so tightly wound around each other that we cant tell where he ends and I begin) He nods his head yes, and shakes his head for no.
He was up for about an hour, and his arm muscles were trembling from exaustion. Before I left, they got him back over into his bed, and he was sleeping. I know this wore him out, but it was a HUGE step, and I am SO PROUD OF HIM!
After all of this great news, I have a favor to ask. May we all bow our heads in prayer, and thank the Lord for the many, many blessings he has bestowed upon our family. I know how easy it is to ask Him for help, and we all need to remember to thank Him for our blessings!
Love to all,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Evening

Guess who was already awake when I made my evening visit?? My sweetie-pie! He didnt stay awake long, but was very alert when he was awake. We talked a little about his surgery going well. He held my hand, kissed my fingers, watched some of the Discovery Channel and then nodded back off. I was suprised to see him awake already!

While talking to the nurse, she has indicated that he is now on 2 antibiotics, protonix (to prevent stomach ulcers), and a blood pressure patch.

Everything else is as needed meds. He hasn't had any pain meds or even tylenol in a few days now. Ointment for bed sores, IV for hydration, and his liquid foods, and nothing for the vasospasms. His temperature is 97.

They shaved the other side of his head for today's surgery, so now his incisions include the big one that runs from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear, one on his right side that is almost a 2 1/2" circle from Fridays shunt surgery, and a matching one on the left side from todays shunt surgery. He has only one tiny little sprig of hair thats about 4" long on the top of his head. (I think they could have taken it all at this point!)

It's been quite a day for me, so I am turning in early. Overall it was yet another good day.

Love to all,
Sorry it took so long to post this, I had to come home and rest a bit. Surgery went well. Didn't get a chance to talk to the doctor, but nurse had no news to report. He was sleeping sound when I left. Will blog more later.

Love to all,

Monday Morning

Not much news to report yet, they have scheduled the shunt surgery for sometime this afternoon. They said they would call me. His white blood count is better than it has been since he got here. One of the doctors said the swelling was down in his ventricles, and he thought todays surgery would go better. This was the first indication that it was SWELLING that was the problem on Friday's attempt. Anyway, all looks good for today at this point.

Had a good visit this morning. He didn't want me to leave, not even for a moment. Everytime I tried to walk away from the bedside, he would squeeze my hand real tight. Several times he reached up to touch my face. He kissed my fingertips and showed lots of response to everthing around him. He acted inquisitive when the doctors were talking about this surgery. I explained to him that he has a drain tube in his head right now, but we were gonna move it today. I tried not to give too many details, and assure him that this was a good thing, and I trusted the doctors. Overall, it was a good visit.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

WOO-HOO!!!!!!! Sunday Night

Oh, what an AWESOME DAY! Paul took me over to some friends of his house. They were having a barbeque, and a house full of people, most of which were guitar, mandolin, dobro, fiddle pickers, exept for the awesome flute player, and all of their wives, and some more friends. The music was awesome, and the food delicious. I really appreciate it guys! Wonderful to meet all of you!
And the best part, we went back in to see Randy, and he was very, very alert! He was responding with his eyes and facial expression, and he was totally coherent of every single word we said, for the entire visit. Didn't have to call his name to get his attention. Using his right hand real well. It seems as tho he was asking Paul something we couldn't comprehend. I'm not sure what he was asking Paul, but I do know he was our old Randy throughout the whole visit. Enjoyed a few laughs, and a few tears.
I have told him that he has taken a big bump on the head, and that there will be a few more procedures before we can move some of the tubes out of the way, but we are getting there as fast as we possibly can. I reasured him that we have the finest doctors, the finest family, the finest friends, and the best support available, and that God has pulled us through, and will keep holding us all together. He kissed my hands fingers over and over. He held my hand tightly, he didn't want me to step away from the bed, pulled me back when I went to get a tissue. He reached for my face, and touched my lips. Just an AWESOME thing. We stayed for a good bit, just holding hands, and sharing love.
Paul Goad, aka Pablo-Dude, you are just a terriffic person, and I love you so. I can't begin to thank you enough for all you have done, and are continuing to do for us. I also know that God has made us friends. I can think of no one I would have rather spent this joyous day with, and I am greatful we got to witness the events of this entire afternoon. I am truley honored and proud to call you my friend. God Bless You!
Surgery will be in the morning. Don't know what time, the nurse said she would call if it was the early surgery at 7:30...otherwise, I could call in and find out. Anyway, I will keep everyone posted just as soon as I know.
Love to all,
Thanks for the prayers, I know they are being answered.

Sunday Afternoon

Hey to all,

Having a GREAT DAY!! Paul is here, and Randy woke up to visit! Had a nice long visit. As I was leaving, I kissed my fingers and put my fingers to his mouth and he puckered up to kiss my fingers!!! He did this several times. He was very active with his right hand, and was holding a guitar pick that Paul handed him. He kept trying to reach over the bed to hand it back to Paul, as if to say, "I don't use a pick!" The nurses got to see the kisses thing. They were quite impressed, just as Paul and I were. This is just awesome in my book! As we were clowning around, Randy shot me a few dirty looks. (If looks could kill...) Appears to me that he is still RANDY in many ways! Looking forward to next visit!

Gonna close for now, and go out with Paul. He has some friends to introduce me to, maybe go eat some supper. Thanks to all for staying tuned, and continued prayers.

Love to all,

Sunday Morning

Still pretty sleepy, but was able to get a little response this morning. Dr. Howell, the infectious disease doctor, came in and reviewed his charts, mostly looking at his temperature range. He said everything was good, and unless something happened between now and then, he is set to go for tomorrow mornings shunt surgery.

Got his boom box playing some old Calhoon Brothers stuff. This is music that Randy's old band recorded live at the night clubs some 33 years ago! Sometimes it appears that his right hand and foot are moving to the music, but it's really hard to tell for sure!

Going to go find a truck stop so I can shower.

Love to all,